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      We cook all the time at home, and love to host house parties. It was important to us that we had the right culinary tools in the kitchen, to impress our guests and make our cooking experience enjoyable.

      What used to frustrate us was trying to use one knife to cut almost everything. We were slow in our food preparation and imprecise in our presentation. We compromised when we could not slice our ingredients thinly enough, because we did not have the right blade. Or we would struggle to break down large cuts of meats because the knife we had was too short.

      We went back to our roots and found these quality set of knives for our new kitchen. They were sharp, durable and beautifully laser-etched. We wanted to share these with every day chefs, and those who might face the same set of frustrations we have in the kitchen.

      That is when we started Samu-Knives.

      We wanted to make these available to the every day home cooks, regardless of your culinary skill. Our aim was to provide affordable and quality knives, and help you out in the kitchen.

      We are committed to your culinary journey, whether it is helping you choose the most suitable set of knives for what you require, or giving tactical tips on how best to maintain them, or assisting you to find the best gift for friend and family.

      We hope that you have an enjoyable shopping experience with us. just as we had fun sourcing and curating these knife sets for you.

      Let Samu-Knives be part of your journey in the kitchen!